Thursday, January 2, 2014

Prevention is the Best Resolution! Remi's Story

Remi's Story
Remi, Rottweiler
DOB: 5/15/12
Diagnosis: 8/16/13 - bilateral hip dysplasia (X-rays below)

Treatment focus: laser & acupuncture used as preventive measures to slow degenerative joint disease, to increase health-span and quality of life.

Remi is a Rottweiler born in May of 2012. At  15 months of age, she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia on both sides.

The X-ray (below) shows the bilateral hip dysplasia.  You can see that the heads of the femur bones  do not fit correctly into the socket (located approximately 1/5 of the way down from the top of the X-ray, the ball part of the ball and socket joint making up the hip). This causes abnormal wear in the joint and results in painful arthritis. 

Immediately upon receiving these diagnoses, Remi began Acupuncture and therapeutic laser therapies with Dr. Nell. These two therapies, especially when combined with appropriate supplements and diet, work together to slow down further degeneration. Acupuncture is used to alleviate pain and improve circulation.  The laser decreases inflammation, encourages healing of affected areas and relieves pain. These complimentary therapies will be part of Remi's long term, preventative medicine plan, giving her a longer, happier life!

Watch our video - Remi receives therapeutic laser treatment!

Acupuncture and laser therapy can not cure hip dysplasia, but these modalities CAN give Remi a healthier, happier life!  Thanks Remi - You're a Star!

Don't wait for a problem to surface ... Acupuncture can be used as prevention in healthy pets by keeping the body balanced and running smoothly.  Regular acupuncture treatments, along with a quality diet and exercise plan, help ensure that your already-healthy pet will stay that way!

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