Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween Costume Safety - Don't Torture Your Pet!

Before taking your pet Trick-or-Treating with you, we've compiled these safety tips to keep your pet from being tortured this Halloween

- Make sure the costume is not too tight or too heavy. This can restrict movement and cause distress for your pet. You should be able to fit 2-3 fingers under the garment. If you see your pet panting heavily or falling behind on your adventure, it may be time to remove the costume and turn back.

- Tie up any loose ends on the costume that could trip up your pet, or become tangled in their legs or fur. This is also a good time to remove anything that looks tasty to your pet - we don't want Fido eating anything he shouldn't be!

- Let your pet practice wearing their costume before the big night. This will give her a chance to get a little more accustomed to wearing the garment, as well as time to let you know if they can really tolerate wearing it or not. If your pet is trying to chew herself out of her costume, it may not work.

- Have some reflective gear on your pet for your walk. Get some glow-in-the-dark tape, or a flash light that your dog can wear on her harness.

- Last but definitely not least, keep your pet on a leash with an ID tag. Halloween can be a scary time for pets with all the loud noises and people everywhere. The leash can help keep her from running away, and the ID tag will make it a lot easier to get her returned to you, if she does happen to get lost.

The Lombard Team wishes you a 
Happy and Safe Halloween!

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